You will be a part of a growing startup. You can build a legacy by contributing to a success story that can be added to your own profile. You will be working with a team with different mindsets, nationalities, cultures, languages and backgrounds. You will gain a lot of insights for developing your lifestyle through discussions with such a diverse team. We share common goals and live the mission of the organization, that is “Being the best company for those who are in the journey of seeking the best version of themselves”.

You will experience Egypt and specifically South Sinai with a well-experienced local eye providing you with good recommendations, and ideas to enrich your traveling experience.

In your time off you can explore Dahab and South Sinai. In Dahab, you can do so many activities such as scuba/free diving, horseback riding, snorkeling, camel riding in the desert, kite surfing, windsurfing, rock climbing, and hiking. Dahab is one of the most famous scuba/freediving and kite surfing spots in the world.

You can explore around Dahab cities and areas like Nuweiba, Taba, Ras Sidr and Saint Catherine, which are full of old historical places like monasteries, monk caves, mountains and so much more.

Pyramids and Cairo are six hours away from Dahab by bus, and 1 hour by plane.-