“We architect trekking, rock-climbing, and horseback riding expeditions in the wilderness to be an alternative for those who seek healing and self-discovery.”



A unique mashup between hiking and personal development in a three days insightful hike away from everything you got used to. We will HIKE in Sinai desert, getting the knacks of wilderness survival in the desert, and we will SEEK enlightening moments, to FIND practical ways to improve our lifestyle

Duration: 3 Days

EGP 4.500,- /per Person


A three days expedition in the desert. A wonderful mix between rock climbing, immersing yourself in nature and getting to know more about yourself and sharing reflections with great company. Every day we will climb one of the Sinai volcanic mountains and chase sunrise to sunset in valleys and between mountains. Each day we will have a different climbing spot and we will sleep under the desert starry sky. Not to forget the genuine Bedouin natural and healthy food that cleanses both body and mind.

Duration: 3 Days

EGP 4.200,- /per Person


Roaming the desert of Sinai for three days on horse backs. While there’s a million reasons why you’d want to ride a horse, doing so in vast oceans of sands engulfed by mountains in the desert of Sinai is such a unique experience that, when paired with good company and a common quest of deeply connecting with yourself and other beings, may leave enough insights and reflections to last a lifetime.

Duration: 3 Days

EGP 4.500.- /per Person


For three days You will get an unprecedented sense of adventure, you will be navigating a thousand years old valley full Of granite mountains on a horse back. These beautiful granite mountains have plenty of sport climbing routes with different grades and difficulties. You get in touch with your body, mind, and soul in a way you’re not used to through climbing and horseback riding. You experience a unique connection with great and wise animals. You tell and listen to life stories from like minded adventurers with different backgrounds around the bonfire while eating your slow cooked Bedouin dinner, and gazing at the starry sky above you.

Duration: 3 Days

EGP 5.200,- /per Person


We approach rock climbing as an adventure sport in the wilderness aiming to strengthen the connection between our bodies and minds and restore the link between us and nature, the link that has been severed by urban lifestyle. Rock climbing goes far beyond being a full body workout. It boosts self-confidence and problem solving skills and it also prevents anxiety and depression. In one day you will experience what it truly means to do rock climbing. The expedition takes place deep in the valleys of Sinai, away from all distractions and where there is only nature and numerous walls to climb.

Half Day / Full Day

EGP 600,- or 1200,-/p. P.