The future of Insights Seekers

At Insights Seekers we are extremely grateful for the giving nature at Sinai peninsula. This is where the story unfolded for us. It gives us the nature we can use to climb, hike and ride – while seeking further self discovery and insights.

We wanted to give something back to this place and that led us to this land right here, Nuweiba, where we are creating a permaculture and wilderness healing center.

The main part of the revenue from our expeditions, we reinvest into this farm. Every Thursday we will post about our progress, failures and challenges at the farm. Be part of it, be part of this big change. Insights Seekers is finally building a physical home to retreat to.

Let us create and establish together a place to care for each other and feel better than before.

The Farm is Part of Me

“I enjoy every bit of it – the responsibility, the successes and dealing with everything that came up. There was a real sense of satisfaction in it.” – Bran McCoy  Hello, my fellow human beings. My name is Serge and I’m about to share with you my thoughts about my first trip to the farmContinue reading “The Farm is Part of Me”