73 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO Relax, we’re not talking about climbing any pyramids here ! When someone mentions Egypt, the first thing that probably pops in their mind is either visiting the sphinx and the great pyramids of Giza, exploring temples in Aswan, or cruising the Nile in Luxor, but I bet […]

Climbing against the system

I’m used to indoor rock climbing, but I decided to take on my first outdoor climb in the desert of Sinai. It was a completely different experience than anything I’ve ever done. Indoor climbing is like following a system; you always go to the same place, pay, and put your hands and feet in spots […]

Between simplicity and magnificence

Have you ever imagined that taking part into an expedition in the Sinai desert can be the greatest learning experience of your life? Well, with no exaggeration, a trip with Insight Seekers under the guide of the young leader Belal Abdussalam can definitely give this turn to your life. It can open the way to […]

The Farm is a Part of Me

“I enjoy every bit of it – the responsibility, the successes and dealing with everything that came up. There was a real sense of satisfaction in it.” – Bran McCoy  Hello, my fellow human beings. My name is Serge and I’m about to share with you my thoughts about my first trip to the farm of […]