Adventurous Souls


For three days You will get an unprecedented sense of adventure, you will be navigating a thousand years old valleys full Of granite mountains on a horseback

  • DAY 1: We start the day with an expedition leader talk followed by an arena session on how we perceive horseback riding basics. We start riding on horseback to Wadi Gnai until our Bedouin lunch break. Afterwards you will get an Introduction to rock climbing and climb till sunset. We have dinner then talk about our findings throughout the day around a bonfire.

  • DAY 2: Shortly after breakfast we resume climbing and experience the difference between climbing for the first time, pumping our muscles and minds out, and having some rest to climb again with a fresh mindset. We enjoy yet another Bedouin cousin lunch then go for a sunset ride after which we come back for dinner and bonfire reflection time.

  • DAY 3: On the last day and after breakfast, we go for a farewell climb and then bid the horses farewell as well then head back to Dahab.

  • – Guide, Instructor
  • – Transportation
  • – Healthy Food
  • – Camping Gear
  • – Luggage Carrier
  • – Gears & Equipment